We can supply you both standard & special Recess Punches, Tools & Gages to meet all your Automotive, Aircraft, Appliance, Construction, Hi-Tech, or Industrial fastener or cold form products needs. Our tooling lines include, Torx & Torx Plus Tooling including recess punch pins, holders, one-piece punches, & external dies: Hexagon Socket Tooling including 2-piece pins & holders, multi-station pins, & recess gages; Aerospace Recess Punches & Tooling to produce most NAS, NASM, MS, NA, ISO, DIN, NSF aircraft fasteners; Wafer Tooling including Hexagon, Square, Round and Knurl styles; Hexagon Washer Inserts & Pins for all automotive applications ; Trimming Dies including Hexagon, Square, Round and Specials; and Special Recess Tooling made to your blueprint.


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